Our Kehilla is honored to welcome Rabbi Yacov Moshe Nordlicht as the new Rav of Ezra Hasofer. He and his Rebbetzin have a vision for building our community and uniting our kehilla. 

Rav Nordlicht is a brilliant Talmid Chacham who references the breadth of Shas to enrich our limudim with nuance and lomdus. Previous to his current positions, Rav Nordlicht led a Chabura at the Mir Yeshiva. Currently, he also serves as the Second Seder Shoel Umeishiv at Yeshivas Chosein Yehoshua. 

Together with a warm and caring personality, Rav Nordlicht has a passion for learning and teaching as well as expertise in halacha. Additionally, his grasp of worldly knowledge fascinates and educates his co-conversationalist.