About Ezra Hasofer

We want to extend a warm and personal welcome to anyone living in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel to come join us for a Shabbos. We are confident you will immediately sense the uniqueness and the potential our community has to offer you.

We exist as a Kehillah in order to support and strengthen one another’s spiritual growth, recognizing that the purpose of life is to utilize every precious minute & opportunity to become closer to Hashem. In order to do so, we need to become caring, giving Jews – giving to each other and clinging to Hashem through Torah, Mitzvos & Chessed.

Let us remind ourselves that the Torah was not given to individuals, but to a nation – the original Kehillah! When a group of people with a focused goal join forces, something special is created.

As we continue to expand, we need to remain vigilant in preserving our identity and our core values. Much of life is about balance. Being truly empathetic to others, understanding their situation & caring for them without compromising one’s own standards or views is the challenge. As K’lalYisrael splinters off into ever-smaller and narrower factions, we are attempting very consciously to buck the trend.

Here are the key values we stand for:

  • A commitment to daily Torah learning
  • A warm atmosphere for the whole family
  • Emphasis on good character and self-development
  • The sanctity of Tefillah
  • Absolute commitment to guarding the Halachah
  • Balancing integration into Israel society while preserving our original customs and identity